Model SR-FSJ-900


The machine assures high filling accuracy towards any viscous product of medical, health care product, and food liquid product, such as ketchup, seasoning sause, juice liquid,  mayonnaise, shampoo, chocolate paste, honey, syrup, etc.

Our unique filling method makes it possible to have positive cut-off of product and stability of sealing, making our packaging machine pioneer in the package area.


1. Up to 12 lines, low maintenance.

2. Servo motor Panasonic and PLC Panasonic provide fast and easy operation.

3. Equipped with automatic packaging material tracking deviation correction device, can minimize wasting film.

4. Unique front/back sealing mold design, insulating the filling material from hot sealing mould, which assure filling material free flow even at high sealing temperature.

5. Movable horizontal sealing design works with patented balance technique ensures tight and neat sachets.

6.3D easy tear design guarantee easier tear.

7.As option, equipped with double jacket hopper and mixer, machine can keep filling temperature of liquid product at 40℃, suitable for hot filling product.

8.Unique filling suction device, avoid leakage, easy to clean.

9.Independent research and development designed special filling method is speciallized for sticky material. It can keep the sealing margin clean, no clip material.

10.Equipped with mixer inside the hopper, to prevent sedimentation, help filling evenly and smoothly.

Main technical parameters

Maximum Width of Film:


Maximum number of lanes:

12 lines


30-60 bags/Min/Line

Maximum Filling Range:



380V, 50HZ, 5KW

Air consumption:


Weight of Machine:




Packaging Material:

Heat-sealable lamination

Depending on product property and filling volume

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Machine video