Customer can print production date, expire date and code on the bag as you want, and the words which 

are printed on the bag won't move. 

The printing result is perfect. The electrical return circuit controls temperature and position automatically. 

And the press, position, temperature can be adjusted during the process of printing. The power is from 

the running of packing material and machine.


1. Ink roller printer is used to equip on continuous packing machine with high speed performance,
usually it adopts horizontal typing way to achieve printing, other languages besides English are also
2. Ink tape printer is used on equip on batch-type packing machine with stable performance. It can
also print multi-line of fonts, both size and height are available.

Main technical parameters

1 what's kind of machine can match with these two printers
The ink roller printer shall be matched with the continuous machine, such as FSK-40II/150II and FSJ-40II/150II, FSF40II/150II, tea bag packing machine and so on. The ink tap printer shall be matched with our intermittent and  big machine, such as FSK300/1500,FSF1500,and so on.
2. speed of both two kinds of printer
The speed of the ink roller printer depends on the packing machine you equipped with.The maximal speed of this kind of printer shall be 110 bags/min if it matched with FSK-40II automatic granular machine.The maximal speed of this ink tap printer shall be 60bags/min, because it shall be equipped with big machine and intermittent machines.
3. the using life of both of two printers
150,000~180,000 times for single line20,000 times for single line
4.The quantity of the words in each line
12 words each line at most15 words each line at most
5. The size of each words printed on the bags(high, width, length)
 2mm x 3mm x 15mm2mm x 4mm x 15mm

Other Picture

Machine video