Model SR-FSCH-10D


This machine is suitable for health-care tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, and other granular materials. It adopts food grade non-woven nylon material which is has good water permeability and perceptivity, achieves a beautiful and harmonious vision. As the advantage tea packing machine, it can present different tea-drink experiences and visual effects.


1. Adopt servo motors +PLC and color touch screen control system, easy operation. 

2. The most advanced and safest tea packing adopts special ultrasonic sealing method.

3. Easily change between triangle bag and square bag. 

4. Automatically attached Thread & Tag.

5. Various options for filling range and bag size.

6. Optional highly efficient volumetric feeder or combination scale type feeder which is controlled by color touch screen.

7. Ultrasonic sealer & cutter operated via servo motors to ensure stable sealing of filter material/thread/tag.

8. Multi-bag packing into one envelope and single bag packing into one envelope are options.

9. Able to be connected with boxing machine and cellophane overwrapping machine as a line.

Main technical parameters

Model SR-FSCH-10D



Filling Range


Bag Size

Pyramid Bag Width

Flat Bag



L:40-80mm W: 60-90mm


220v 50Hz 1.8Kw

Compressed air pressure


Air consumption


Depending on product property and filling volume

Other Picture

Machine video